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this Saturday: William Inge's THE MAD FOXES!

The Chucky Lou AV Club presents

(1981, Paul Grau. 77m)

11PM Saturday, December 4
Screenland, 1656 Washington, Kansas City MO

What if the Germans had won World War II?

"Alternate history" buffs conjure up many a nightmare vision - mandatory socks with sandals, velvet disco romance, brown water baths, moms who reek of sausage sweat, Krokus soundtracks, way too much male frontal, hand grenades in the bathroom, poor karate, worse dubbing, a savage penis chopping - but truly the most terrifying is this: more movies like THE MAD FOXES (which features all the above).

"Bullet-paced and completely indefensible, Mad Foxes is truly one of the most absurd trash-epics ever made - an absolutely unabashed mixture of sex, violence and naked kickboxing men." - Mondo-Digital

"Wunderbar! 77 minutes of dirty Germans chasing each other around with their dicks hanging out... Wo sind die Toiletten?" - Rex Reed, N.Y. Post

THE MAD FOXES are a boozy band of neo-Nazi bikers who delight in tormenting Teutonic playboy Hal Martin. Whether it's violating his jailbait date, shotgunning his parents or just staggering around bloated and pantsless and pissed, these animals will stop at nothing to drive you into the lobby to buy a Boulevard beer. That's right, Screenland now offers ice-cold BOULEVARD BEER at its refreshment stand! And now Hal Martin is fighting back the only way he knows how: with a hot Corvette, a gaggle of ill-trained karate buddies who practice radical circumcision, and the hard-rocking sounds of KROKUS!

Outfoxing Fassbinder's FOX AND HIS FRIENDS as the grubbiest, grodiest, most pockmarked German film ever, THE MAD FOXES is a testament to a people - and a nation.

Preceded at 10:40PM by leather pants and sauerkraut seasoned with schnapps: the extremely contrived 16mm travelogue GERMANY.

Admission $6.50. For more information call (816)471-1190.

The Chucky Lou AV Club meets the first Saturday of every month. Attendance is mandatory.
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